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~Information for Buyers~

For further details about an ad, contact the seller.
I am not responsible for any of the sellers.
Please let me know if there is a problem.

Click the contact link and a form will pop-up. Fill in the details, and your entry will be automatically emailed to the seller.


~Information for Sellers~

To place an ad, fill in the form below.
There is no cost to list your items.
Finished craft items will not be listed.
Your name & address will not be included in the online ad, and is only required for quality control of the ad submitted.
Your contact email address will be protected, and not viewable online.

Be sure to include, within your ad, if postage/shipping will be added to the price of your item, or if it's included in the price.
Reading some ads that are already posted can guide you when writing your ad.

Pictures submitted for ads should be 400 pixels wide.

It is suggested that sellers send a 'payment request' to the buyers email address through Pay Pal, which will allow payment to you with echecks or credit cards, and will protect both the seller and buyer. The seller can not charge the 'fees' to the buyer.

Of course, payments can also be accepted with a cheque or money order, and these details should be worked out between to seller and the buyer.

Please contact me to remove your ad when you have sold your item.
Ads will be automatically removed after two months.
Feel free to re-submit your ad at that time, if the item has not sold.

Note to Small Businesses (eg. Etsy): You may place up to 10 ads at one time.
It would be expected (and much appreciated) that you donate a Thank You amount (see the sidebar for the link), when you have sold 10 items.

The ads are approved before being added to the listing.
Your ad should appear online within 24 hours (weekdays only).
I reserve the right to remove any ad that does not meet the site standards.
No large businesses please.
You can contact me to place a banner ad under Sponsors.

Please Note: It would be much appreciated if you could donate a Thank You amount (see the sidebar for the link), when you have sold your items, though it's not required, of course :o)


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